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Pro-Life Theory and Discussion Tactics
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Introduction to Discussion Tactics

Based on the arguments laid out in the Pro-Life Reasoning module, pro-lifers are convinced that the case for fetal personhood is just as compelling as is that for any category of born humans. And such a conviction compels us by force of logic to work for the legal protection of the basic rights of the unborn, just as we work tirelessly for the protection of vulnerable born people. To do otherwise, to succumb to the rhetoric of free choice and personal conscience when the lives of innocent children are at stake, would be both intellectually dishonest and morally reprehensible.

SSFL's Roe v. Wade memorial

This moral call to action leads to the present module. If you get involved in the pro-life movement and try to make your voice heard in whatever capacity, you will inevitably find yourself face to face with people who want to know why. Sometimes they’ll just be curious, other times they’ll disagree with you vehemently, and occasionally they’ll be deeply offended at the very fact that you harbor these convictions. It is important that you have answers for these people and deliver them appropriately. If you’re unprepared to do so, not only will an opportunity for constructive dialogue be missed, but you may end up casting a bad light on the movement. Whether you’re having a private heart-to-heart with your college roommate or in an organized public debate, there are some common principles to keep in mind.

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