We're a Stanford student organization.

Our aim is to educate the Stanford community about pro-life issues, to provide support for those facing difficult life-related decisions, and to defend the basic human rights of the unborn, the very elderly, and all others whose lives are unjustly in danger of being deemed dispensable by our society.

We are neither religiously nor politically affiliated.

If you're pregnant, there are many resources available at Stanford and nearby to help.

We Educate.

We educate the Stanford community about the dignity of human life, especially for the pre-born and the seriously ill.

Wrestling with these difficult issues? Try our recommended readings or our tutorial on pro-life theory and discussion tactics.

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We Engage.

Come see us and have a chat — anyone is welcome!

Interested in a systematic, logical discussion of the dignity of human life? Study our discussion guide.

Meet a few of our officers.

Our regular meetings are from 9-10pm on Thursdays in Old Union 218. Anyone is welcome to join us for these discussions!

Sarah Abalos, Co-President
Sarah Abalos —

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I'm a junior from San Jose majoring in Architectural Design. If I'm not drafting or waiting for the laser cutter in the PRL, I'm usually drawing or reading and writing about buildings anyway. My first attempt at defending life was in the seventh grade, when I argued against embryonic stem cell research in a debate that pitted the rest of my life sciences class against me. I've been to the Walk for Life in San Francisco every year since 2009. This year, I'm honored to be co-president of SSFL along with James as we continue to advocate for respect for life from conception to natural death.
James Capps, Co-President
James Capps —

My name is James Capps, and I am a senior studying Computer Science. When I'm not being absorbed into the black hole that is CS, I may be found throwing a frisbee or playing a piano. Even so, I still make time to address critical social issues, of which the most important to me is the respect for the dignity of every human life. As an intern for the Coalition For Life in my hometown of St. Louis, I actively helped pregnant women choose not only life for their babies, but also safer--and free--pregnancy resources for themselves. At Stanford, I have been able to continue to support life through SSFL, and I am honored to be co-president for the 2015-16 academic year.
Brooks Hamby, Financial Officer
Brooks Hamby —
Financial Officer

We Act.

We volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers, organize and participate in peaceful demonstrations, and host lectures and discussions.

If you're a university student, find your university's pro-life group.

In the academic tradition of discussion and exploration, universities around the nation and the world are engaging in the debate over the dignity of human life.

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